Humility & Hunger | Key Words for Success | Lifestyle Blogger

Hello, beautiful friends!

I recently heard someone say that success is the culmination of one powerful combination: humility and hunger. For some reason, this really struck a chord in me and so, I am using this blog as an outlet to share my thoughts on that beautiful pearl of wisdom!


For SO many, success is a picture of glitz and glam, owning that Ferrari, traveling the world, having an endless selection of Gucci sunglasses, the list goes on. But therein lies the problem! When you define success by possessions, when you define it by an endpoint (i.e., “I will be successful when…), you will be chasing after something forever, meanwhile you are completely missing out on what is right in front of you! Yes, you absolutely SHOULD have goals and no there is nothing wrong with desiring those lovely things, with being hungry for them…but caution against those being your end all be all. Precisely because the list can become endless, success will become ephemeral to you, or not even register, at all!

So what, then? 


When you harness your hunger with humility, you are positioning yourself ready to take whatever comes your way, and THAT attitude will take you SO far in life. Humility is actually what keeps you going in a sustainable way, it paces you. You never become breathless and exhausted in your pursuit of your dreams because you are able to rest in the certainty of your joyful present. Humility enables you to be grateful for the things you have, while aiming for more.

As the saying goes, shoot for the moon, darling, and if you miss, you will still be among the stars!

May your day be FOREVER good — and stunning!