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As you might already know from visiting my website or Instagram, one of my favorite quotes is, “I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.”  In everything I do, my desire is to promote happiness. Not only promote it, but to help women achieve it in their own lives. We each have the power to make our lives as grand as we want them to be. This is how I live my life! It’s Desaree Marie! I want to influence that life philosophy into the lives of others. Through influencer marketing, and now, with a look at my new Media Kit, you can discover ways to partner with me!

Desaree Marie is the embodiment of what I like to call, The Sparkle Effect, the idea that one woman can spread her sparkle to many. That is what I am here to do! We only have one life to live, beautiful. Life is good. I want this brand to connect with women and help them make their lives as grand as their dreams.

Because of your love and support, I am able to use Desaree Marie as a platform to ignite joy and showcase the gifts and talents of people I have had the honor to get to know! 

I am so excited to expand The Sparkle Effect by offering you an accessible avenue to expand your audience! I have created a Media Kit to let you know all of the ways I am happy to partner and collaborate with you. Here are a few ways I am so thrilled to offer you:


I love sharing your product with my followers!

Product Placement

Are you looking to get samples in the hands of new customers? Let’s work together on a gift with purchase initiative!

Brand Ambassador

Trying new products is always fun! The best part? We can share all about the experience with our followers!

I am always open to considering any way in which I can collaborate with you in a way that showcases YOU!

Click here to view the Desaree Marie Media Kit and let's work together in a way that's FOREVER good -- and stunning!

Caroline Kalentzos