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Recently, LulaRoe selected me as one of their top consultants and I can't tell you how honored and excited I am about it! They wanted to learn a little more about me so I thought I'd share with you, too!


I’ve been a sales woman since day one. Growing up on Main Street in Pittston, I knew that heavy road traffic meant heavy sales traffic. As any regular six year old would do, I set up all kinds of sales stands. I love discovering a need (or in the creative language of sales, creating a need) and meeting it with a solution! 

This personality is what landed me in corporate sales, working with multi-million dollar accounts. I was traveling constantly and I totally loved it! But then I met Jeff. I loved what I was doing but also found myself missing him and missing home. All of the sudden I had this desire to stay and be settled in one place. I knew he was the one and we got engaged and now he’s my husband! I was all in. It was time for a career change. 

I know I have a gift for sales and truly believe we’re placed here on earth to make the most out of what we’ve been given. I started researching businesses that could conform to my own lifestyle. When I found LulaRoe, the business model made so much sense to me. I loved how you’re able to customize it to work for your own style, your own work ethic. You can make as little or as much out of it as you want! I decided to go for the latter and within six weeks, I replaced my income. 

I love fashion. And while I love the fun patterns and designs of every piece of LulaRoe, that’s actually not what sold me on the company. I love creating opportunities for success and that’s exactly what LulaRoe allows me to do. I can help other people achieve the exact same success I’ve achieved. I have a downline but I’m not there for the profit — or at least not the profit most people are chasing. When it comes down to it, a real profit is any valuable return. There’s no return more valuable than lives changed for the better.

I really do wake up every day and can’t believe this is my life! LulaRoe has played such an influential role in helping me live out what I’ve grown up believing — we all have the power to choose to live our dream lives!

1.) If you’re stranded on a dessert island, what LulaRoe clothing would you choose?

Oh my gosh, just one?! That’s hard! Okay, if I was stranded on an island (preferably Marrakech, that totally counts!) I would bring the Shirley with me. It’s the perfect hybrid between seaside kimono and stay warm full-length shaw. (Hopefully I have a bathing suit!)

2.) Who’s your role model?

My parents. They’re the ultimate example of the American dream. They had me at a young age during college and had to leave. They lived out what I hope to inspire in everyone. They took their lives and decided they were going to be the best parents ever — in their young 20s! They were hustlers and took whatever job that came their way and excelled. (My dad went back to college, taking one class per semester for 15 years and graduated with a degree in psychology!) Life is what you make it and they’re proof of that!

3.) If your life was a book, what would the title be?

I’ll be honest and tell you my music library far outnumbers my book library. If my life was a song, the title would have to be “FOREVER good — and stunning!”

4.) What’s your favorite song at the moment?

Grown Woman, by Beyonce. Have you SEEN the music video? It switches between little Beyonce and grown woman Beyonce. Since day one, she knew what she was going to be. I love the lyric, “I remember being young and so brave. I knew what I needed.” She voiced what she was GOING to be when she grew up and she went out and lived it!

5.) Favorite color?

Totally love wearing blue. But pink will be my forever favorite color.

6.) Pets?

Only the two best fur babies ever, Dude and Oliver. I call them my before and after. One is 18 and one is a little one year old!

7.) Where in the world have you never been but would like to visit?

The Amalfi Coast. And in the typical Desaree Marie way, I’m making it happen and can’t wait to go next May!

8.) You’re from Pennsylvania, where do you consider home?

I moved around a lot. What’s home? Well, I feel like Richmond, Va. is my home but I think that’s because that’s where my husband and I live. To me, home really is where the heart is. Wherever I’m surrounded by people I love, it’s home! I guess you could say I’m adaptable…

9.) Most recent show you have binge watched?

Big Little Lies! I had the flu a while ago and may have set the record for watching an entire series in under 24 hours…

10.) Red or white wine?


11.) What was a childhood hobby of yours?

It’s still a hobby — creating businesses! My sister and I once made a magazine complete with subscriptions. We would cut out pictures from other magazines, take out the glue sticks and stick them onto ours! We also had our own radio station called "88.3 Sisters", complete with its own catchy jingle! I’ve always been a sales woman. We lived on Main Street and as a six year old, heavy car traffic meant heavy sales traffic! I would create any kind of stand I could think of and sell, sell, sell! #bornthisway

May your day be FOREVER good -- and stunning!

Caroline Kalentzos