What It's Like to Shop With Me!


Joining my LulaRoe Desaree Marie Facebook group and shopping with me is an experience unlike any other. Gone are the days of scrolling through online stores on your own. Shopping by yourself in the store and texting for second opinions, aimlessly waiting in the dressing room until you hear feedback (been there, done that!) In the LulaRoe Desaree Marie Facebook shopping group, I like to capitalize on the phrase, “LET’S go shopping!” Shopping, to me, is SO much more fun when it’s a group activity, when there are others involved!

The LulaRoe Desaree Marie Facebook group is a shopping community. Shopping shouldn’t be a chore and it doesn’t have to be. Our shopping community is a vacation from all of the day to day responsibilities and commitments. We make it FUN! 

I love announcing sales via Facebook Live and interacting with all of the members. Filling your week with surprises is one of my favorite things! Spontaneity naturally boosts energy. For instance, yesterday was rainy and gloomy. The perfect pick-me up? A visit to our shopping group and a surprise opportunity to win free leggings for a year! The engagement this sparks is such a fun frenzy to be a part of. Believe it or not, these “shopping sprees” turn into six hours of interaction and conversation. We build friendships. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked on the phone with people I’ve never met! I LOVE this! It’s a platform to meet with people beyond your day to day circle. How refreshing is that?!

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Caroline Kalentzos