The Sparkle Effect In Action!

I have an entire post dedicated to what I like to call, “The Sparkle Effect.” Basically, it’s the term I have designated to describe the contagious effect of positive energy. Like glitter or sparkles, it spreads and leaves its mark wherever it goes!


I can’t tell you how enthralled and overjoyed I was the first time I found myself unknowingly, yet happily, in the midst of a Starbucks’ “Pay It Forward” phenomenon. As a purveyor of happiness and beauty, you bet I was all in for this! Not only was I totally all in, I had to find a way in which I could provide the opportunity for others to engage. While I'm not a coffee-drinker, a Caramel Apple Spice always lures me into a Starbucks. But what about the anti-Starbucks crew?! Or the other non-coffee drinkers?? I needed a "Pay It Forward" movement of my own...

My sales group is comprised of a diverse group of women. It has become a community and we all quickly become comfortable with one another. We will tell each other anything because it has become like a support group, sometimes it’s comparable to a therapy session! I have noticed a trend where the members of this group really want to love on each other and treat one another with LulaRoe gifts. I want to help facilitate and encourage this with our own special way to “Pay It Forward!”

My concept is to create a sign up list to bless others with free clothing based on the preferences they choose (i.e., single mothers, someone with medical concerns, etc.). 

Ultimately, my dream is to be able to give others the opportunity my mother gave me by working at the school I attended so that my tuition could be free. Because of her selflessness and her ability to give, the door of opportunity swung open for me. I fully believe that The Sparkle Effect is capable of swinging doors open for anyone and our “Pay It Forward” mentality is just the start!

Are you ready to start paying it forward?! Head over to my LulaRoe group and let’s get started!

Let's start something that is FOREVER good -- and stunning!

Caroline Kalentzos