Join My Team!

Once you’re born into a family, that’s it. There’s no changing it, so you HAVE to make the best of it. It’s the same way with a LulaRoe family, too! Once you’re a part of a certain team, that’s your team for life! However, unlike your blood relatives, you CAN choose your LulaRoe family! 


Joining a LulaRoe team is a commitment. You should know what you’re getting into by asking the team leader what they offer and even asking what they can do for you! I’m not at all shy when it comes to telling you what makes the Desaree Marie team more than a team!

I have two approaches to managing my team. The first is the business approach. The second is the support approach. 

Precisely because I consider my LulaRoe team members as a family, I want to set them up for success. I like to use my background in corporate sales to implement a structure into how our community works together! I researched multi-million dollar companies and looked at their profit margins to figure out where we needed to change things. 

In order to ensure I can provide the best management for each member, I like to keep my team small and limited. The last thing I want is for a member to feel like just another number! We’re all building a community and relationships together. My philosophy? You’re not alone unless you want to be! Which gets me to my second approach….Support!
As you may know from reading my blog, I am all about The Sparkle Effect! Spreading positivity that ignites someone else’s energy. We’re all about celebrating one another and our achievements! So many times people who meet me in the shopping world go on to ask if they can become consultants with me and I LOVE that! Becoming friends and getting to help my friends reach a new level of success? That’s what I’m ALL about!

I have two groups I’d love to invite you to! The first is my Shopping Group! We sell clothes through this platform and infuse it with engaging and enticing quotes and teasers. The second is the DM T.E.A.M. Social Group where you get all of the information that will lead you to a whole new level of success. The secrets to my success are only for my team and my team alone!

I can’t wait to let you in on my secrets, beautiful! Click here to join!

Caroline Kalentzos