The Sparkle Effect

I know you’ve heard of “The Domino Effect,” one tile knocking down the next in a chain like reaction. But at the end of the domino effect, you’re left with a pile of knocked down tiles! What good is that?!


Okay, my business brain might be taking this a little too literally but it got me thinking. What’s that one phrase that describes the contagious effect of positive energy? What’s it called when your smile to that passerby makes that persons’ smile bring a smile to the cashier’s face? What happens when you bring a Starbucks to a friend and that inspires them to call an old time friend just because? This is a phenomenon entirely worthy of a name! But…if you’ve read “The Why Behind The Brand,” you’ll learn that I don’t think coming up with creative names is my forté. 

A while ago, however, a friend brought me a little home-made gift, complete with glued on sparkles. It traveled in my car for the day, and then I brought it home. For the next week, those sparkles randomly appeared through my week! Still in the car, on my husband’s coat, in the kitchen…I’m pretty sure I even noticed them the following week at that same friend’s house! 
Wherever these sparkles appeared, they brought a little bit of pretty to wherever they were. 

THIS is what I like to call, “The Sparkle Effect.” 

At Desaree Marie, you’ll find positivity wherever you go. Desaree Marie is all about spreading The Sparkle Effect. Like that one time gift, The Sparkle Effect can start with just one person, YOU! 

If you’re looking for a bit of sparkle in your day, stop by, beautiful! 

Caroline Kalentzos